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Oxygen Generation System - Cylinder Filling Plant

Oxygen Generation System Oxygen Generation System

While the Nitrox Stik continuous gas mixer is perhaps the best and most cost effective way to  blend Nitrox, it has one fundamental draw back: you need to be able to get bottled oxygen.  So we developed our own Oxygen Generating System to fill Oxygen Cylinders.  Problem solved.

Able to fill one large 300 cuft oxygen cylinder in about 18 hours.  One large oxygen cylinder will provide enough oxygen to mix twenty six  32% AL80 scuba tanks of Nitrox.  Running at max capacity (continuously), this system can produce enough oxygen to fill  30+ large oxygen cylinders or nearly 800 Nitrox tanks per month. 

Industrial duty and quality, designed for continuous operation.  Industrial pressure swing absorption system coupled to industrial oxygen clean booster pump, with additional interlocks, safety features and shutdowns.


  • Will dramatically reduce the overall cost of oxygen to larger operations.
  • Don't have to deal with the inconvenience of the gas distributors.
  • Independent from any logistics. You can operate this in a remote location (dive boat or dive resort).
  • Small footprint, takes up much less space than membrane system.
  • Able to fill medical grade oxygen at 96% purity.

Fill your own oxygen for continuous gas blending, partial pressure blending for technical diving (mixes >40% oxygen), emergency oxygen, heck even fill your competition's oxygen cylinders (my personal favorite application of the system).

Opens up your business model to more than just filling Nitrox tanks.  Fill cylinders for welders, people who need medical oxygen, anyone.

While the system is not cheap, financing the system makes very good sense.  You could be putting the money you pay monthly to your oxygen distributor, to owning your own oxygen generation system.  At the end of the finance period, producing oxygen essentially becomes free.  There is a strong financial argument for owning this system.

We can offer advice about how to configure your oxygen filling panel and how to oxygen clean components.

System Automatically shuts down when the Oxygen Cylinder is full.  System has numerous safety features and shut downs to ensure it is properly operated.

The Pressure Swing Absorption system requires a flowrate of 4 SCFM of clean/dry air.  We recommend you provide this through the use of your existing banks of grade E high pressure air and an additional high pressure air filter (to filter out any contaminates that may be in your air storage cylinders - essentially making OCA), regulated down to low pressure.  The system is also available with an oxygen clean low pressure air compressor that will provide sufficient flow rate, but it needs to be coupled with a refrigerated air dryer to remove water vapor and additional filtration to remove any vapors/hydrocarbons (not pictured below).  The booster pump requires that the air be very pure and dry prior to compression.  Any water vapor in the system will be condensed in the booster and sent into the oxygen storage cylinders, reducing the life of both the booster pump and storage cylinders.

Easy to operate, press one button to start the system.  The system will automatically shut down when the discharge pressure reaches 2200 psi.

Oxygen Generation System

Oxygen Generating system while operating.


Oxygen Generation System

Close up of the Oxygen Generating System

Call Derek at (808) 392-8252 or email at for more information.

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Last modified: 12/23/08